AAR: The Amtac Shooting Modern Minuteman

This AAR was graciously given by a student of the Amtac Shooting Modern Minuteman Course held in May 2023. SUMMARY:  The modern minuteman course was a two-day course held by Amtac Shooting which provided students with information and the opportunity […]

AAR: The Amtac Shooting Tribe-Centric CQB

This AAR and additional feedback was graciously given by students of the Amtac Shooting Tribe-Centric CQB Course held April 2023. BLUF:Amtac Shooting Instruction delivers outstanding instruction through the Tribe-Centric CQB course. Valuable technical skills are taught as well as mental/mindset […]

AAR: The Responsible Armed Citizen by Hill People Gear

19-20 May, 2018 (Denver, CO) “Bill is a huge proponent of being responsible for the protection of yourself, your family, and your tribe, and this class was designed to teach the basics or fundamentals of what Bill believes is important […]

AAR: Force on Force Course by VDMSR

April 7-8, 2018 (Undisclosed, NJ) “Every drill and part of this class is designed in such a way as to build a logical foundation of unconscious competence which is difficult to find in many current classes in the training industry, […]

AAR Integrated Combatives VDMSR

AAR: Integrated Combatives Course by VDMSR

 May 27-28, 2017 (New Holland, PA)   ” Those who carry a pistol should understand that a pistol, most often, is not the only tool they should have in their toolbox. Being able get hands on, using simple concepts of strikes […]

AAR Integrated Combatives Glock Talk

AAR: The Integrated Combatives Course on Glock Talk Forum

August 13-14, 2016 (East Bridgewater, MA) “This was an excellent course that increased my capabilities and has motivated me to get in better shape, get more edged weapons training, and conduct more realistic training in general.” -Stumpfenhammer on Glock Talk […]