Amtac Gear is being reorganized into the Amtac Shooting store in the near future!

Amtac Blades Northman

The Northman is a small fixed blade knife designed to replace the cutting tool carried in your pocket. Quickly deployable and rugged enough for backcountry use, this blade is also great for combatives.

AMTAC Complete Carbine Pistol & Rifle

Centurian Arms AMTAC Carbine Rifle
Centurian Arms AMTAC Carbine Pistol

Centurion Arms LLC is happy to announce the AMTAC rifle and pistol collaboration. We have known Bill for over 20 years now and with confidence say he is one of the best people we know. Bill is no doubt one of the very best instructors there is on the open market for training. With his back ground and knowledge he is easily the most combat experienced instructor available today anywhere. We are VERY happy to be working on his Carbine and Pistol collaboration.

FO3 Holster (forward of 3 o’clock) by Bill Rapier

“The FO3 holster is designed to be worn just forward of 3 o’clock on your strong side. I have found this to be the best compromise between speed of draw and weapon security. This allows me to carry comfortably, deploy the pistol quickly, and safely anchor the pistol during a gun grab. This holster is the result of countless hours of training and collaboration with the BlackPoint Tactical team.” -Bill Rapier

FO3 Rhodesian Brushstroke

**Limited edition FO3 Holsters in Rhodesian Brushstroke available to ship now from

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“If you are going to get serious about pistol combatives, acquiring a SIRT pistol should be pretty high on your priority list. It is one of the best ways to safely practice your transitions and to increase your skill at weapons retention shooting. It is also a great tool to start to work into force on force scenarios and get off the X drills.” – Bill Rapier

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