Let It Burn

Mindset. The more I teach good Americans to protect themselves and their families, the more I am learning that mindset is something that we have to weave into every aspect of our training. Mindset is not about a talk or […]

Why We Dry Fire

I can’t stress enough to you the importance of dry firing. When we go to the range, all of us perform better after we have done a couple of drills and knocked the rust off. In our day-to-day lives, we […]

Backpack Loadout for a Long Day’s Hike

Transcript from the video Hey guys, Bill Rapier with Amtac Shooting. We just did a 20 mile hike through the snow, about 5,000 vertical in the Cabinets yesterday and I wanted to go through the gear. First off, I was […]

AAR: The Amtac Shooting Tribe-Centric CQB

This AAR and additional feedback was graciously given by students of the Amtac Shooting Tribe-Centric CQB Course held April 2023. BLUF:Amtac Shooting Instruction delivers outstanding instruction through the Tribe-Centric CQB course. Valuable technical skills are taught as well as mental/mindset […]

Radio Communications

Recommended Radio Gear

I am writing this article because of the overwhelming amount of questions that I receive on a regular basis about communications. We live in a time where we are more connected than people have ever been in history.

What Is Most Important In Training?

A lot of  guys training want to get incrementally better at something they are already pretty good at.They want to spend two days on the range, run through some drills, maybe shave a few hundredths of a second off of their split times or clean that combat reload up a little.In other words they want to stay in their comfort zones!

The Modern Minute Man Physical Training Plan

  This article is a continuation of the Modern Minute Man article. If you have not read that article I recommend that you start here. As I continue to explore these concepts we will be looking at different aspects of […]

Amtac Shooting Fitness Standards

Without standards it is hard to know where you stand. I have oscillated between having a strong dislike of standards and thinking that they are an absolute necessity. My opinion on standards now is somewhere in the middle.   The bottom line is that […]