I wanted to thank you, your sons, your apprentice and your wife (delicious burgers at the end of a long but great day) for an outstanding two days of combative training – The best I’ve ever experienced – On a scale of 1-10 (It was a 12)!!

First and foremost, I’ve never experienced a more comprehensive curriculum (pistol shooting, run and gun, knife fighting, standup grappling, weapons system and combined tactics, tools review/recommendations, mind set talk, medic assistance review, safety protocols ALWAYS and breaking bread together). 

Second, I learned basics in a way that I had not experienced before – I had been taught them before but not in a way that was “sticky” with me (meaning; here’s how you do it (listen, watch, experience it yourself, and how to fix/adjust – add pressure/change circumstances, fix/adjust – go back to basics fix/adjust – Rep it).

Lastly, it’s an honor to be taught by a warrior from your tribe, level and “tip of the spear” experiences. One of your nicknames that you shared with me says it all – “Spaniard” from Gladiator (one of the most famous and admired men to fight in the colosseum). 

I’m looking forward to rep’ing my new learnings, upgrading my tools and coming back for more teachings. 

I hope I get to see you in Jackson Hole – And have you and your family into my home and meet my family. 

Again, sincerely thank you – It was life changing for me.


I just spent the day with Resnick in GA.  What an amazing class!  I thoroughly enjoyed learning all of the new material and Res and his ’tribe’ were amazing to be around.  Please keep me in the loop with any future classes that may be coming to the South.

I have been to different schools and enjoyed learning from different instructors. But the day I spent with Bryan Resnick was exceptional. The combative- hand to hand knife / gun exercises with the ‘tribe’ was excellent. I am a process guy and I appreciated Bryan taking his time and explaining detailed techniques. Not only have you gained a new advocate… but a friend. Thanks again. 


Thanks again for a great class, that was the most impactful training I’ve had by a long shot.



Just wanted to say how fantastic your class was with Bryan Resnick. He is a great instructor, his style of instruction was perfect for the class/audience, I know my skills are improved and I walked away with more tools for my tool chest.  

Love the AMTAC mindset…Resnick is one hell of an individual. He is driven, honest, well skilled, treats everyone equally, and passionate. He is a great American. He’s a great instructor.


Regardless of your level of experience in striking, jiu jitsu, shooting, wrestling, or with knives, this class will open your eyes to which techniques are most applicable to a realistic grappling environment.  More importantly for me, the mindset portion of the class has taught me to think ahead of time about my willinesses to engage in big V Violence versus small v violence.


Great class. Young Mr Cagle did a very fine job and was a great representative for AmTac. Class was a great ROI.

-Amtac Shooting Carbine 1 Course Student

I have now taken 4-5 of Bill’s classes.  
Every time I learn something new or drive home a prior skill he taught.  
He knows how to keep it fresh.


I wanted to thank you for a great class this week.  Your approach to teaching and life in general really stands out and were very helpful.  I’ll keep an eye on your schedule for next year, hopefully I’ll be able to grab a spot.  


Let me share with you how much I appreciated your instruction.  I teach part-time at the Univ of AZ Law School and know how hard it is to teach well, particularly a practical skill.  You do a great job of breaking things down, of gradually building on the steps to be taken, and of keeping it simple.  I also appreciate your keen eye on what we were doing and spotting problem areas in our execution (especially correcting some safety issues with me). Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us.


Great to meet you and thank you for putting on a great class over the weekend. As a guy that grew up hunting and around firearms I had shot a lot throughout my life, but until now didn’t realize that I had never really trained. What a great eye opener, and a quick way to pick up some useful knowledge.


Thanks for an OUTSTANDING class in Bangor! It is instantly among the best training I have had. The way you distributed that amount of information was impressive, your communication and instruction game is strong my friend. Great class, great time and a great group of people made it well worth every penny to get there. Can’t wait to train with AMTAC again!


I’m a little late getting this out to you, but thanks again for the great Rifle Class on the Hybrid Carbine 26-27 August here in GA.  I probably would never have even attempted to hit a target out to 600 yards with a 5.56 rifle with a 3x scope and using a 55 grain round!  Thanks for walking me on to the target at that distance – it not only helped me to be a better shooter, but it also showed me the distances at which I can teach my Kiddos (all 3) to hit a target when they are a little older (gotta train the next generation of Responsibility Armed American Citizens!).  My wife and I are looking forward to your next trip down South to continue are training. Thanks for help over the last few years with your recommendations that save us both time and money on our gear.  My wife and I appreciate your time and commitment to our mutually passionate pursuit of our 2nd Amendment Right as Americans.  All the best to you and your Family – looking forward to next rejoin as soon as possible.


“In summation, this was an excellent course and fit in perfectly with the subject matter I was seeking.  It definitely qualified in continuing to fill in the cracks in my training, and is a course that would even warrant repetition down the road.  I guess the best words I can say are these:  I had other choices of courses this same weekend, courses not far from where I live and with high-quality instructors who are highly thought-of in the training community.  After completing this course with Bill Rapier, I have no regrets about where I spent my money and time.”

-Robert, of CIVILIAN GUNFIGHTER, Identifying the Best Training, Tools, and Tactics for the Armed Civilian!

Hands down most valuable and well rounded training evolution I have attended to date. Bill combines passion and technical know how with the all important ‘whys’ fueled by two decades of hard fought experience. Whether you carry a firearm for a living or as part of your responsible American lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to train with AMTAC!

-Bryan-LE SWAT/Sniper