Amtac Shooting Pistol Integrated Combatives Course 
by Hill People Gear

Jan 21, 2020
We had the opportunity to take Bill Rapier’s Pistol Integrated Combatives course this past year. We can highly recommend this USN veteran’s school (AMTAC Shooting) and knives (AMTAC blades).

Force on Force with AMTAC Shooting
by Kit Badger

Jan 13, 2020

Retired Navy SEAL Bill Rapier’s Force on Force Class Review
by Tactical Hyve

Jul 26, 2019
Watch Tactical Hyve’s review of Bill Rapier’s Force On Force class. Bill is a retired Navy SEAL who spent 14 of his 20 years of service at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. He’s also the owner and lead instructor at Amtac Shooting.

How to Draw for the Fight. Bill Rapier, Field Notes Ep. 51
by SureFire

Dec 11, 2019
Bill Rapier of Amtac Shooting discusses the necessity of a one handed draw and how to create space in a combative scenario.

Combatives Based Retention Shooting. Bill Rapier, Field Notes Ep. 38
by SureFire

Dec 5, 2018
Bill Rapier of Amtac Shooting discusses retention shooting in relation to combative techniques.

American Tactical Shooting Instruction Force on Force
by Voodoo Man

Jun 1, 2018
A few clips from Force on Force class held in NJ earlier this year.

AMTAC | Bill Rapier – LE CQB
by Voodoo Man

September 26, 2016
Short clip taken during an LE CQB class taught by Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting

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