Bryan Resnick – Lead Instructor

Bryan Resnick, also known as ‘Res’ is a lead instructor for Amtac Shooting and has been teaching courses with us since 2022.

Amtac Shooting courses: Pistol Combatives and Fundamentals, Carbine

Bryan “Res” Resnick is a U.S. Army veteran and current Law Enforcement Officer with over 20 years combined experience. For the last 14 years he has been a member of a Regional S.W.A.T Team made up of 46 cities and towns that covers approximately 600 square miles. He has extensive real-world operational experience, to include the 2013 Marathon Bombing and Manhunt. Positions held include assaulter, sniper, department firearms lead and team firearms lead.

Res is passionate about training and combatives. He is committed to improvement and enjoys helping good Americans on their path to becoming more capable.

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Yesterday I attended pistol and combatives with Rez. I was blown away. Rez is a great instructor. He was charismatic, informative, fun, and very skilled. I could see his passion for being a professional. Rez is just fun to be around and learn from. 10/10. He deserves a raise. I have attended a few shooting courses, but this curriculum was next level. The combatives portion of the day was eye opening. I wish I had started my training journey here. I walked away from the class having material to work on and train with. I am also glad to have waited to purchase a blade. The info given on design, concept and purpose was valuable. I’ll be following up the email with a purchase. -Sean

I just got back home from training in Indiana with Bryan Resnick and wanted to take a minute to share my feedback from the weekend. I was only signed up for the Saturday Carbine 1 Course and decided to stay for the Sunday Pistol/Combatives 1 Course. I can say very confidently that I walked away from this weekend significantly better in every category that was trained on range, and better in several categories that were discussed off range. Res has a gift for teaching; he is engaging, knowledgeable and humble. His ability to take a macro level concept and distill it down to its most granular parts was amazing to me. Having been a college athlete and collegiate coach, I have spent a lot of time around great coaches and have spent a lot of time trying to be a one, and Res stands out amongst them. Equally impactful for me was his ability to make me feel like he wanted me there. I aspire to be someone like this. Someone who makes you feel like you are one of them and they are glad that you are. The time spent off range with Res has changed my outlook on several facets of my own life. I was able to eat dinner with Res where he provided guidance for me as a husband, and on starting a family. Res also spoke to me about Christianity and his faith, and helped to guide me on my new journey to find faith. I can’t thank Res and AMTAC enough for making stuff like this possible. -JH

I just spent the day with Resnick in GA.  What an amazing class!  I thoroughly enjoyed learning all of the new material and Res and his ’tribe’ were amazing to be around.  Please keep me in the loop with any future classes that may be coming to the South.

I have been to different schools and enjoyed learning from different instructors. But the day I spent with Bryan Resnick was exceptional. The combative- hand to hand knife / gun exercises with the ‘tribe’ was excellent. I am a process guy and I appreciated Bryan taking his time and explaining detailed techniques. Not only have you gained a new advocate… but a friend. Thanks again. -John

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