Course Descriptions

The Responsible Armed Citizen Course
The Integrated Combatives Course
The Force on Force Course

The Combative Carbine Course
The Hybrid Carbine Course

Pistol & Carbine
Advanced Pistol and Carbine Course
Night Shooting Course

Precision Rifle
Precision Rifle Course
Advanced Precision Rifle Course


Women Only Courses
Women Only Half Day Shooting and Combatives Course
Women Only Combatives Course

LEO/ Mil Only Tactical Courses
LEO/Mil Shooting and CQB Course
LEO/ Mil CQB with Force on Force Course
Progressive Active Shooter Response (Countering Coordinated Attacks)

Extended Multi-Discipline Invitation Only Courses
Winter Mobility and Shooting Course
Navigation and Precision Rifle Course
Combatives, Navigation, Shooting and other cool things Course