may, 2024

17mayallday17 May 2024 Amtac Shooting Shotgun Course 1 - David Cagle Lead Instructor (OKC)Oklahoma City, OK


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Amtac Shooting 1 Course
Lead Instructor: David Cagle

Amtac Shotgun 1 is a course designed to develop physical skill and understanding of the shotgun and its place in a modern minuteman’s armory. The shotgun has a more narrow application than the pistol or carbine, but retains specific capabilities that neither of these systems offer. When employed correctly, the shotgun  can give you unmatched terminal ballistics, more effective interdiction against vehicles, 50 state legality, and many other advantages to be  covered in class. This course will apply the Amtac methodology to the  use of this system in a lethal encounter.

 Topics will include: mindset/philosophy of use for the shotgun, proper setup, patterning, specific manipulations to use and keep a gauge running, and CB specific shotgun shooting techniques




All Day (Friday)

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American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC