february, 2022

18feballday18-19 February 2022 Amtac Shooting Intro to Winter Skills & Shooting Coursenear Coeur D'Alene, ID

Winter Shooting


Course Details

This two day course is designed to teach you how to shoot, move and survive in a cold weather environment. 

This course will start with a 1 mile snowshoe to the training location carrying all of the required equipment. Once at the training site students will learn how to build shelters/ fires, and shoot. Additional skills that will be covered include basics on snowmobile recovery and the benefits of skishoes/AT skies. There will be a Zoom meeting 3 months and one month out from the course to go over gear and answer questions.

*In order to participate in this course, you must be able to carry a 30-40 lbs pack uphill for about a mile. Do not sign up if you cannot move multiple miles with a ruck under non snowed in conditions.*




february 18 (Friday) - 19 (Saturday)

Course Contact

Bill Rapierbill@amtacshooting.com