may, 2024

02mayallday2-4 May 2024 - The Amtac Shooting Tribe Centric CQB CourseNear Coeur d'Alene, ID (Amtac Training Center)


Course Details

The Amtac Shooting Tribe Centric CQB Course
Led by Bill Rapier
Amtac Training Center (North Idaho)

What if you hear glass breaking in the middle of the night? What if you have to move your family through a mall during an active shooter event? What is the safest way to move through and clear an area of immediate threats? This course is designed to teach good Americans how to properly do Close Quarters Battle (CQB) in the context of your immediate family and friends. The progression of this course will include, pistol and carbine live fire fundamentals, dynamic live fire drills, and a logical progression of CQB that will culminate with force-on-force clearance problems. You will learn to clear structures as an individual, as an individual with a small child or untrained spouse in tow, and as a small team. Due to the nature of the material being taught, you must be a current Amtac Shooting Student in order to participate in this course.



may 2 (Thursday) - 4 (Saturday)

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American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC