may, 2022

02mayallday2 May 2022 Amtac Shooting Intro Hybrid Carbine Coursenear Oklahoma City, OK


Course Details

If you can only take one rifle, which one is it? That question has been asked by a lot of very capable men.

My answer is the Hybrid Carbine, a 11.5-16 inch accurate 5.56 rifle with a 1-6, 1-8 or 1-10 power LPVO. With this setup you can shoot anything from CQB distances to 600-700 yards and beyond. This course will work carbine fundamentals and then jump right in to medium distance shooting (out to 500-700 yards).

Course curriculum will include:

  • an intro to external ballistics
  • understanding MOA’s and MRAD
  • ballistic calculator use
  • truing your rifle

and more.





All Day (Monday)

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