february, 2022

24feballday24-25 February 2022 Amtac Shooting Precision Rifle Coursenear Dallas, TX


Course Details

This is a 2 day precision rifle course. The purpose of this course is to build men that are able able to shoot out to 600-700 yards,1200-1400 yards and 1600-2000+ yards depending on weapons system.

In order to reach proficiency in this goal, we will cover these topics during the course:

  • precision rifle shooting
  • setting up your rifle
  • understanding MOAs and mils
  • reading the wind
  • understanding shooter/spotter communication
  • using ballistic software
  • non standard shooting positions




february 24 (Thursday) - 25 (Friday)

Course Contact

Bill Rapierbill@amtacshooting.com