january, 2022

24janallday24 January 2022 - Amtac Shooting Compact Carbine Deployment Coursenear Phoenix, AZ

Compact Carbine Truck


Course Details

This one day course is designed build competence with your compact carbine. Whether this is in the form of a “truck gun” or “back pack gun” more and more responsible armed citizens are increasing their capability by keeping a compact carbine close at hand. Among other things, the Amtac Shooting Compact Carbine Deployment Course will cover:

  • truck/ pack gun considerations
  • strike/ low ready presentations
  • shooting and moving
  • shoulders switches
  • positional shooting
  • barricade use

There will be multiple dynamic compact carbine deployment drills.

This is a physically demanding course, you need to have a base level of proficiency with both the carbine and pistol to attend.




All Day (Monday)

Course Contact

Bill Rapierbill@amtacshooting.com