february, 2023

25feballday25-26 February 2023 - Amtac Shooting Integrated Combatives Coursenear Dallas, TX

Integrated Combatives


Course Details

Amtac Shooting Integrated Combatives Course
Led by Bill Rapier
Near Dallas, TX

Most “gun guys” think that when faced with a situation that requires deadly force the answer is always “gun”. The reality is that this line of thinking is likely to get you killed. This course will teach you how to integrate empty-hand techniques with blades, improvised weapons and firearms. You will learn to fluidly transition from one tool to the next based on what is situationally appropriate. This is a physically demanding, hands-on course that will elevate your situational awareness and shooting/ fighting ability to the next level.


february 25 (Saturday) - 26 (Sunday)

Course Contact

American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC AmtacShooting@gmail.com