january, 2020

25janallday25-26 January 2020 Amtac Shooting Integrated Pistol Combatives CoursePhoenix area, AZ

Integrated Combatives


Course Details

Most “gun guys” think that when faced with a situation that requires deadly force the answer is always “gun”. The reality is that this line of thinking is likely to get you killed.

This course will teach you:

  • How to integrate empty hand techniques with blades, improvised weapons and firearms.
  • How to fluidly transition from one tool to the next based on what is situationally appropriate.

This is a physically demanding, hands on course that will elevate your situational awareness and shooting/ fighting ability to the next level.


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january 25 (Saturday) - 26 (Sunday)

Course Contact

Bill Rapierbill@amtacshooting.com