july, 2022

26julallday26-27 July 2022 - Amtac Shooting Ground Fighting with Weapons / Integrated Combatives 2.0 CourseNear Coeur d'Alene, ID


Course Details

Can you fight on the ground? How about when shoved into a wall or corner? How about when we add weapons into the mix? What about multiple attackers? This course will teach fundamentals of grappling with weapons. We will cover how different weapons change what the “correct response” is when in grappling situations. This is a physically demanding course. You need to have a base level of physical fitness to participate. You do not have to have a grappling background to participate. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Grappling fundamentals
  • Pistol drawstroke while grappling
  • Blade drawstroke while grappling
  • Dealing with multiple opponents from the ground
  • Pros and cons of different weapons carry positions during a ground fight
  • Force on force situational drills with ground fighting and training pistols






july 26 (Tuesday) - 27 (Wednesday)

Course Contact

Bill Rapierbill@amtacshooting.com