january, 2023

26janallday26-27 January 2023 Amtac Shooting Winter Modern Minuteman Coursenear Coeur D'Alene, ID (Amtac Training Center)


Course Details

Amtac Shooting Winter Modern Minuteman Course
Led by Bill Rapier
Amtac Training Center (North Idaho)

This is a two-day course designed to teach you how to shoot, move and survive in a cold weather environment. This course will start with a 1-mile snowshoe to the training location carrying all of the required equipment.

Once at the Amtac Training Center (ATC) we will drop some gear and work carbine and pistol fundamentals. After lunch, there will be a navigation block focused on both map and compass and GPS use. After training on day one, students can relax at the ATC, with lodging, dinner and breakfast the next morning being provided. Training day two will start with a mindset talk and a short small unit tactics block followed by the “winter modern minuteman competition”, this multi-hour shooting/ navigation and other skills competition will test your endurance and your ability to shoot, move and communicate. This is a physically demanding course and you must have a baseline of fitness to participate.

*For the Modern Minuteman competition, you will need a starting pack weight of at least 30lbs and no more than 40lbs. If you are running a plate carrier, your carrier weight will count toward your total.*


  • A base level of fitness; be able to walk 5 miles with a 30lbs pack
  • Competent and 100% safe with pistol and carbine (you need to have completed a pistol and a carbine course with either myself, Kyle Defoor, Bill Blowers, Northern Red, or another reputable trainer (or have someone I know vouch for you — If you are not sure, contact me)


january 26 (Thursday) - 27 (Friday)

Course Contact

Bill Rapierbill@amtacshooting.com