april, 2020

03aprallday3-5 April 2020 - The Modern Minute Man Course (Precision Rifle Focus)Grand Junction CO

Precision Rifle


Course Details

This is a 3 day Modern Minute Man Course with a precision rifle focus. The purpose of this course is to build men that can perform the following tasks:

  1. Be able to shoot out to 600-700 yards, 1200-1400 yards and 1600-2000+ yards depending on weapons system.
  2. Be able to navigate 20 miles while carrying a 25-35lbs load
  3. Have a base level of bush-crafting skills
  4. Understand basic LOS communications.

In order to reach proficiency in the above tasks we will cover these topics during the course:

  • precision rifle shooting
  • setting up your rifle
  • understanding MOAs and mils
  • reading the wind
  • understanding shooter/spotter communication
  • using ballistic software
  • non standard shooting positions
  • night shooting familiarization block (bring NVGs if you have them but not required)
  • basic radio communication
  • land navigation with GPS, map and compass
  • discussion on basic fire making and backcountry equipment

Training Day One

Precision rifle class/ practical and a short block on basic line of sight communications (LOS).

Training Day Two 

More precision rifle shooting, positional shooting, navigation class/ practical, and a short night shooting block.

Training Day Three 

More precision rifle shooting/ navigation followed by a competition where you put all of these skills together. Why a competition? Because it is good to put some pressure on ourselves from time to time. Also guys will prepare for the course more if they know that they will get to test themselves against their peers. The competition will be self paced, so you don’t have to be able to complete all of the tasks or navigate to all of the waypoints.


Base level of fitness; be able to walk 5 miles with a 30lbs pack.
Competent and 100% safe with pistol and carbine. You need to have completed a pistol and a carbine course with myself, Kyle Defoor, Northern Red, or another reputable trainer, or you need to have someone I know vouch for you.  If you are not sure contact me.


Primitive camping will be available on site, contact me for details.


april 3 (Friday) - 5 (Sunday)

Course Contact

Bill Rapierbill@amtacshooting.com