Amtac Shooting

april, 2022

30aprallday30 April - 1 May 2022 Amtac Shooting Low Visibility Pistol Combatives CourseOklahoma City, OK


Course Details

Deep concealment. This used to mean you had to compromise on the capability you were carrying, but that is no longer the case.
With the right tools and training you can be extremely capable and keep your tools 100% concealed.
This course will cover:
  • low visibility pistol fundamentals
  • combatives
  • low visibility blade work
  • combatives in a freedom reduced environment
We will also discuss pros and cons of different deep concealment carry methods, the right tools to carry and pocket pistol deployment.
This is a physically demanding course, you need to have a baseline of fitness and pistol handling skills to participate.






April 30 (Saturday) - May 1 (Sunday)

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