october, 2024

04octallday4-5 October 2024 - Amtac Shooting Hybrid Carbine Course FL (This Course is Full)Baker, FL


Course Details

If you can only take one rifle, which one is it? That question has been asked by a lot of very capable men. My answer is the Hybrid Carbine, a 11.5-16 in accurate 5.56 rifle with a 1-6, 1-8, or 1-10 power LPVO. With this setup, you can shoot anything from CQB distances to 400-700 yards and beyond. This course will work carbine fundamentals and then jump right into medium distance shooting (out to 400-700 yards).

Course curriculum will include:

  • Carbine fundamentals and close-range manipulation
  • Medium distance shooting
  • Transitioning from near to far targets
  • Intro to external ballistics
  • Understanding MOA’s and MRAD
  • Ballistic calculator use
  • Truing your rifle

and more.




october 4 (Friday) - 5 (Saturday)

Course Contact

Bill Rapierbill@amtacshooting.com