Amtac Shooting

july, 2024

09julallday9-11 July 2024 - Amtac Shooting LEO Pistol, Carbine and Integrated Combatives Course (MA)West Boylston, MA


Course Details

LEO Pistol, Carbine, and Integrated Combatives Course
Led by Bill Rapier
West Boylston, MA

This course is designed to teach law enforcement and military professionals the tactics and techniques they need to stay alive in an increasingly dangerous workplace. Topics for this course will include: mindset, carbine fundamentals and carbine combatives (fighting with a carbine in hand), pistol fundamentals and advanced pistol drills, integrated combatives consisting of striking, blade, and pistol use and seamlessly transitioning from one tool or technique to the next depending on what is tactically and situationally appropriate. This is a physically demanding course, you will need to be healthy and have a baseline of physical fitness to participate.



july 9 (Tuesday) - 11 (Thursday)

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American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC