june, 2018

07junallday7-10 June - Home with Heroes - Precision Rifle & Hybrid Carbine Centerville, WA


Course Details

This 4 day event is a fundraiser for Home With Heroes (HWH).  Join us in honoring and thanking veterans by raising funds to provide high quality outdoor experiences through out the year that are offered free to veterans.
There will a two day Hybrid Carbine Course and a two day Precision Rifle Course taught by Bill Rapier.

All food and lodging included at the Morning Song Acres house in Lyle, WA.
All instruction, shooting and lunches will be held at Horseshoe Bend Ranch in Centerville, WA.

For more information and to register: Home with Heroes
Also on Facebook.

Hybrid Carbine Course Description:
With a properly configured “hybrid carbine” you can confidently make all of the standards at CQB distances and then transition and engage out to 600-800 yards.  This course will teach you solid carbine fundamentals on day one and then transition to shooting holds out to 600-800 yards, understanding MOA’s/ Mil’s, reading wind, ammo and optics selection , spotting and basic medical. 

Precision Rifle Course Description:
This course is designed to teach precision rifle shooting from 0-1000 yards. You will learn how to set up your rifle, determine your range and make accurate shots out to 1000 yards and beyond. Other topics covered include equipment selection, ammunition selection, understand MOA and MIL’s, dialing dope, shooting holds, reading wind and using ballistics software.


june 7 (Thursday) - 10 (Sunday)

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