Kevin Kelly – Lead Instructor

Kevin Kelly is a lead instructor for Amtac Shooting and has been teaching courses with us since 2014.

Amtac Shooting courses: Integrated Combatives, Pistol 1, Pistol Combatives, Weapons and Grappling

Kevin has been training with AMTAC since 2014, he trains BJJ under Mike Fernandez, boxed out of TMX boxing under Marty McDonough, and he trains Sayoc under Nick Stevens. Kevin trains integrated combatives under Bill Rapier. He studied mindset, tactics, and teaching with Tom Kier. He is passionate about making good people more capable.

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Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly’s Amtac Shooting Upcoming Courses


22junallday22 June 2024 - Amtac Shooting Pistol 1 Course NH Led by Kevin KellyNear Manchester, NH


21sepallday21 September 2024 - Amtac Shooting Integratedd Combatives Course NH Led by Kevin KellyNear Manchester, NH

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This was the best training I have been to yet. Being able to pressurize integrated combative s for two days straight is helpful in deciding what works for you your skill level body type etc… It helps answer the why s? Why do we carry another strong side blade ? Why is the Northman such a useful tool? Why should we learn to grapple, strike, and be in shape, and most importantly why pressurizing what we are training is so important. Great class thanks Bill. Great work by everyone there. Student of class goes to the youngest one there. Keep training keep improving! – Student of the Amtac Shooting Weapons and Grappling Course

Regardless of your level of experience in striking, jiu-jitsu, shooting, wrestling, or with knives, this class will open your eyes to which techniques are most applicable to a realistic grappling environment. More importantly for me, the mindset portion of the class has taught me to think ahead of time about my willingness to engage in big V Violence versus small v violence.” -Edward

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