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Bill Rapier of Amtac Shooting discusses the necessity of a one-handed draw and how to create space in a combative scenario. – How to Draw for the Fight. Bill Rapier, Field Notes Ep. 51 by SureFire
Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting is, without a doubt, one of the most experienced integrated combatives experts in the industry. – UNDERSTANDING THE REACTIONARY GAP
by Clint Emerson
I had the pleasure of filming on the range with Bill Rapier – in a very short time, he dropped several mindset-knowledge bombshells that would make the class price worth it just for that knowledge! – Navy Seal drops mindset bomb
by Ben Anguiano
Let’s be honest, half of your life is spent in hours of darkness. Why not learn how to be efficient in that environment? Enter Night Vision… While it is a huge scope of material, Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting, does a great job in breaking it down during his 3-Day Night Vision Course. The course moves through crawl, walk, run phases. Starting each day during daylight hours, to work on pistol or rifle skills, before transitioning into the night portion where students have the opportunity to work those same skills under night vision. – AMTAC Shooting Night Vision Course Review by Kit Badger
In this episode of TFBTV, Bill Rapier, 20 year Navy SEAL and owner of AmTac Shooting teaches James Reeves, Seattle Cop Chris Tran (@christranfiveoh), Roger Barrera of QVO Tactical, and Andrew Wright of Surefire how to handle a carjacker who has entered your vehicle on the passenger side. It’s a quick and easy four step solution to that nagging common problem we all deal with on a daily basis (at least in New Orleans). – How to Defend Against a Carjacker: A Navy SEAL’s Advice by TFB TV

Bill Rapier of Amtac Shooting discusses retention shooting in relation to combative techniques. – Combatives Based Retention Shooting. Bill Rapier, Field Notes Ep. 38 by SureFire
We had the opportunity to take Bill Rapier’s Pistol Integrated Combatives course this past year. We can highly recommend this USN veteran’s school (AMTAC Shooting) and knives (AMTAC blades) – in the field: AMTAC Pistol Integrated Combatives by Hill People Gear
I attended this course not really knowing what all was involved. I knew Bill Rapier, of AMTAC Shooting, was teaching pistol and that his long time Jiu Jitsu teacher, Gustavo Machado, was coming out to teach grappling. Well, it was awesome – AMTAC Shooting: Jiu Jitsu and Pistol Course by Kit Badger
The course started with mobility, making our way up to the ATC (AMTAC Training Center) with packs on snow shoes. Following that, we got into melting snow for water, the importance of hydration and then into some shelter building. The class pretty much covered all of those key points when it comes to surviving in the cold of winter. This included fire building and even some mobility aspects, like different types of skis as well as points of performance for riding Snow Mobiles. And of course there was a pistol and carbine portion thrown in. – AMTAC Shooting: Intro to Winter Skills by Kit Badger
In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves trains with ex-Navy SEAL, Bill Rapier, of AmTac Shooting. Bill walks us through the fundamentals of carrying and shooting a pistol, including grip, trigger press, proper workspace, and the circle of awareness. This was all taken at Surefire’s “Back to the Bills” 2020, the sequel to the 2019 “Battle of the Bills” Surefire training event. – 6 Pistol Tips from ex-Navy SEAL, Bill Rapier by TFB TV
If you are going to mount a scope on a rifle, do it right. The consequences of doing it wrong will haunt you forever. Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting goes over how to properly mount your scope and rings onto your rifle. Additionally, Bill speaks briefly to the importance of a good zero, acquiring data (velocity) with a chronograph and how to prove out your data. – Mounting a Scope with AMTAC Shooting by Kit Badger
Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting and Tom Kier of Sayoc Tactical Group both bring a wealth of knowledge to the table for this integrated combatives class. Focusing on live fire with pistols in the morning and blade work and simunition drills in the afternoon. After 3 days you will be far better prepared for dealing with violent situations. – Pistol & Blades with AMTAC Shooting and Tom Kier by Kit Badger
Watch Tactical Hyve’s review of Bill Rapier’s Force On Force class. Bill is a retired Navy SEAL who spent 14 of his 20 years of service at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. He’s also the owner and lead instructor at Amtac Shooting. – Retired Navy SEAL Bill Rapier’s Force on Force Class Review by Tactical Hyve

Read the article: Bill Rapier’s Force on Force Class Review

It isn’t every day you get invited to take part in this much awesomeness… …The Battle of the Bills. Surefire put on an amazing training event that I had the good fortune of attending. 3 days with a number of other content creators and two amazing instructors. Bill Blowers of Tap Rack Tactical and Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting. Over those three days we spent hours on the range, in the mat room and in the shoot house. Training everything from combatives with knives to clearing corners with weapon mounted lights. It was rad. – Battle of the Bills by Kit Badger
Surefire Battle of the Bills! | CQB & Self Defense Training by SUNDAY GUNDAY
Back in May, I participated in a Media Event Courtesy of Surefire with several other Media and Social Media personalities. Oak Grove Technologies in North Carolina hosted an amazing experience at their world-class facility. – You Aren’t Ready – Battle of the Bills – Surefire by FourGuysGuns
The Course took place near Goldendale, Washington. Day one was largely comprised of a mid-range carbine course with a block of instruction around Recce Rifles, ballistics, optics, and more. This was followed by confirming zeros and stretching the rifles out on the range. That afternoon was dedicated to land navigation. Both concepts and principles as well as a practical short course. Plotting points and finding points. Accomplishing this with both map and compass as well as a GPS. Overall it was an amazing course, giving the students the opportunity to learn new skills and put them to use in a really fun competition. – Modern Minuteman Course 2022 by AMTAC Training by Kit Badger
If you are unfamiliar with Cover and Concealment, think of cover as something that will stop bullets, at least temporarily, while concealment won’t stop bullets, but obscures the target. A somewhat misunderstood idea is that bullets will go through concealment and hit the target. This is true, sometimes… It really comes down to what the concealment is and the distance between the concealment and the target. A very small and lightweight material, a long distance from the target, has a drastic impact on where that bullet ends up. Doing some training with Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting and Jake Hoback of Hoback Knives drove this concept home. – Cover, Concealment & Shooting Through Obstructions by Kit Badger

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In this episode, we talk about getting the most out of your hunting rifle, basic technique for making long-range shots, how to train well, and ultimately be more lethal in the field when hunting big game with a rifle. – HUNT LIKE A MARKSMAN w/ BILL RAPIER by The Hunter’s Quest w/ Hunter McWaters
Today I’m bringing you a subject matter expert when it comes to firearms, Bill Rapier of Amtac Security. – Tim Larkin PROT3CT #21 – Bill Rapier (Pt 1) by Tim Larkin
Bill Rapier would scare JOHN WICK back into retirement – Can You Survive This Podcast w/ Clint Emerson by Can You Survive This Podcast
In this interview, we discuss growing up in a family of Christian missionaries, why he was drawn to the US military, why he decided to become a SEAL, how he became a part of DEVGRU, when his job choice clashed with his Christian worldview, how he felt after his first combat kill, the problem of the lack of true manliness in the church, what he’s doing to develop rites of passage for young men, and much more. Let’s get into it… – BILL RAPIER | Serving Christ While Killing for Uncle Sam (Ep. 314) by Undaunted.Life: A Man’s Podcast
This podcast explores Bill’s approach to personal development, highlighting the significance of physical fitness, mindset, and spiritual alignment in effectively handling violent confrontations. He advocates for a holistic training philosophy that encompasses not just tactical skills but also the cultivation of mental and spiritual resilience. – Navy SEAL Bill Rapier: Getting Right With Christ, Dying Well & The AMTAC Mindset by The Alpha Human Podcast
We are very excited to have our friend and former Navy SEAL and DEVGRU Operator Bill Rapier on again! Today we will be discussing what it means to have a warrior mindset and whether or not you can have one as a Christian. – by A Warrior Mindset W/Former DEVGRU Operator Bill Rapier Apologia Studios

Ladies and gentlemen we are pleased to welcome back Bill Rapier from American Tactical #amtac Bill has always been an awesome guy and we love having him on the show. Set your reminders cuz you gonna learn something on this one! – Sling’N Lead Podcast: Episode 76 Bill Rapier Combat Carbine
Sling’N Lead Podcast
Retired Navy SEAL Bill Rapier talks with David Hookstead about how to defeat terrorism. He is a proud American and Christian. -Navy SEAL Legend Bill Rapier Reveals How To Defeat Terrorism by David Hookstead
This week the man himself, Bill Rapier sits down with us to chat. Bill is a former Navy SEAL who operated at the highest level during the Global War On Terror. After leaving the teams, Bill started AMTAC Shooting/AMTAC Blades where he focuses on teaching the ways of the “modern minuteman” through courses that cover marksmanship, rifle and pistol combatives and edged weapons. Bill has an extremely interesting background and still gets into all sorts of wild stuff nowadays. Be ready to learn a thing or two. – Live Q or Die Podcast – Episode 65 – Bill Rapier – Knives for Hands by Q LLC
Here it is. The awesome conversation that I had with Bill Rapier. We talk religion, service, sacrifice, and prioritizing life. Give it a listen! – Bill Rapier “Amtac Shooting” by
With 10 years in DEVGRU under his belt, Bill Rapier has all kinds of cool stories to tell. In these clips, Bill recalls a particularly hairy situation, weighs in on just how long we’ve been in Iraq, and shows me his daily carries courtesy of his knife company, AMTAC Knives. – Guns, God, & AMTAC Knives | Mike Drop CLIPS – Episode 68 by Mike Ritland

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Everything Bill presented to us made sense, and I’m going to incorporate his suggestions into my own practice regimen for the times that I take my carbines to the range. The AR-15 is, after all, America’s rifle. Every American patriot (or partisan, if you prefer) should be competent with it. The Amtac Shooting Combative Carbine Course is excellent preparation.
Bill Rapier is humble and approachable, and he freely shares a wealth of knowledge in class. This was my second class with him, and it won’t be the last. Read the article: AAR: “THE AMTAC SHOOTING COMBATIVE CARBINE COURSE” (BILL RAPIER), EAST GRANBY, CT, NOV. 4-5, 2019 by Amtac Shooting student John.
When you hear the word “Minuteman,” it typically conjures up images of the Revolutionary War — hard men running out of their houses with muskets, possible bags, and the rest of their sparse kit. But what about the Modern Minuteman? – Read the article: Modern-Day Minuteman: Can You Keep Up? by Amtac Shooting student Ivan Loomis
For the last two years I have done the Sniper Adventure Challenge Race.  It has been a great way for me to have a goal to train for and to keep pushing the boundaries with training, fitness, shooting and gear.  New for this year, one of my local friends (Jake Hoback) and another local buddy were going to team up and do the race.  This was great for me as it gave me other dedicated training partners. – Read the article: Guest Post: The Modern Minute Man and Other Standards – Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting Instruction LLC by Jerking the Trigger
After half an hour of girly small talk about chipped nail-polish and our fear of a tick epidemic swarming Wisconsin wild lands, it was time to start. Each of us was assigned a personal station where we stored our weapons, ammunition, first aid, and other belongings during the course. Rapier then outlined what was ahead: introductory combatives, gun training, knife training, and a mindset talk involving thoughts on safety and personal accountability. Sounded like a good plan.
Before we started, Rapier wanted us to revise our vocabulary. From now on, any item that can be used in self-defense is a “tool.” A gun is a tool. A knife is a tool. A pen is a tool. There are tools all over the place. Read the article: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY Amtac Shooting Women’s Combatives Course by SWAT Survival Weapons and Tactics
The fight starts, and after a few minutes of moving around and trading blows, you have an opening. You drop your weight and send the hardest right cross that you are capable of sending. Your opponent grimaces in pain, shakes it off a couple of times, and gives you the boxer’s nod. What is going through your mind?
When I visualize this, I think to myself that if I can rock my opponent with a solid shot like that, I can repeat this a few more times and put him down. Read the article: Let It Burn by Bill Rapier
I received an email last month.  The guy emailing me wanted to know if I was going to be doing any “Advanced Pistol” courses in the local area this year. He was not interested in the “fighting or knife stuff”.
Because he was asking for an “Advanced Pistol” course it probably means he has a baseline pistol capability, but when he says he is not into the “fighting or knife stuff”, he is showing that is exactly what he should be focusing on.
Unfortunately within the community of guys that train there are still too many guys clinging to the “I don’t need to know how to fight because I carry a .45” mentality.
A lot of  guys training want to get incrementally better at something they are already pretty good at.
They want to spend two days on the range, run through some drills, maybe shave a few hundredths of a second off of their split times or clean that combat reload up a little.
In other words they want to stay in their comfort zones! Read the article: What Is Most Important In Training? by Bill Rapier

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