Sponsor a Service Member for Essential Training at one of Amtac Shooting’s Courses

As a company that recognizes the sacrifices made by our nation’s law enforcement officers and United States Armed Service members, we invite you to make a profound difference in their professional development.

At Amtac Shooting, we understand the fiscal challenges that some of our heroes face when seeking essential training opportunities. In an effort to bridge this gap, we’ve initiated a special sponsorship program that allows individuals like you to directly contribute to enhancing the skills of those who dedicate their lives to our safety.

Why Sponsor a Service Member?

Our nation’s law enforcement officers and military personnel often find themselves constrained by budgetary limitations, hindering their access to critical training programs. By sponsoring a service member for one of our courses, you are empowering them to receive the level of training they truly deserve, thereby enhancing their capabilities to safeguard our communities. By purchasing this slot you are allowing a service member who for fiscal reasons would not normally be able to attend this training, get better training.

How Your Sponsorship Makes a Difference?

  1. Breaking Fiscal Barriers: Your support provides a pathway for service members facing fiscal constraints to access training that might otherwise be financially out of reach.
  2. Elevated Training Standards: By sponsoring a training slot, you contribute to elevating the overall standard of training received by our heroes, positively impacting their performance and preparedness.
  3. Investment in Safety: Your contribution directly translates into a safer and more secure community as our heroes are better equipped to navigate the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Sponsorship Details:

Cost per Slot: $750

Recognition: All sponsors can opt-in to be acknowledged on our website.

How to Sponsor: To sponsor a law enforcement officer or a United States Armed Service member and be a driving force behind their enhanced training, please add a sponsorship to your cart below and follow the online payment instructions.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to uplift those who dedicate their lives to our safety. Your sponsorship is not just an investment in individuals but a commitment to the safety and well-being of our entire community.