Backpack Loadout for a Long Day’s Hike

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Hey guys, Bill Rapier with Amtac Shooting.

We just did a 20 mile hike through the snow, about 5,000 vertical in the Cabinets yesterday and I wanted to go through the gear.

First off, I was running everything in this HeadWall 55L backpack. It’s a hyper light pack. I like it. It’s made from a material formerly known as Cuben fiber. It’s waterproof, so it doesn’t absorb moisture.

First off, I had a ridge rest ground pad. I always want to think worst case scenario if I break my leg or one of the guys breaks their legs and we have to camp out. So I always have a ground pad with me.

Next, we were testing when my friend’s Gorilla Coms units right here from Iron Spear, so we were testing these out.

I had this lightweight Patagonia puff jacket on. This is lighter than most of my other puffs, which is why I had this one.

I used this for the filter. A Katadyn 1L water filter. This is a new to me one. It’s significantly better than the other filters I’ve been using in the past. We just had a really small water source and this worked really well.

Okay, this is my basic stay alive loadout right here. I keep a programmed radio in here. I disassembled it, so no antenna on it, no battery on it, so it doesn’t accidentally get turned on and also so the antenna won’t break off. I have two battery packs. And then this Garmin InReach Mini is a great tool for about $300 and then $12 a month. Then you have a satellite texting device. It’s a great tool. This is basically emergency stuff that goes with me all the time.

I had two of these Peak camping meals with me. I ended up eating one of them on the road. Chocolate covered espresso beans.

A blowout kit.

Amtac Blades Battle Axe.

Two titanium water bottles. They’re more expensive, but I like saving weight. A 1200 milliliter one and a 800 milliliter one. So I had a total of three liters with me as a fairly dry ridge. There was only one spot with a little bit of questionable water source.

I packed a Soto Windmaster stove. All I had was a small fuel canister because that’s all I figured I needed for this.

I ended up wearing this top, it’s Outdoor Research. I have their Helium jacket and then the same pants. This thing is great. It stops the wind and also will keep me dry.

I also have this Silponcho. This is a great tool for if you do have to camp out to keep the snow off of you, right? To build some sort of a shelter. So great tool right there.

This is a Mountain Laurel Design 12 ounce bivy sack. So it’s one of the lightest actual Gore-Tex bivy sacks. This has been a great. I’ve used this a bunch.

And then I have a Sea to Summit sleeping bag, a 32 degree sleeping bag. It’s only one pound. I definitely would have been cold if I would have to spend the night up there but I probably would not have died.

Other tools carried.

Black Point tactical F03 with a Walther PDP in it. I shift this over and run it appendix when I’m out hiking because I like to have the support of a waistband and when I’m running appendix it doesn’t get in the way at all.

And then I had my Amtac Blades Magnus and what I end up doing with this is I just clip this onto the actual waistband of the backpack so that I still have fast access to this right here.

And then standard, another blade in my pocket and a lighter in my pocket.

Yeah, it was a good push yesterday.

Detailed Gear List

  1. Soto windmaster stove (
  2. Toaks 750 ml pot (
  3. Patagonia puff jacket
  4. Peak Refuel meal (
  5. Katadyn 1L water filter (
  6. Amtac med kit (
  1. Silverant 1200ml titanium bottle (
  2. Silverant 800ml titanium bottle (
  3. Levi trekking poles (
  4. Chocolate covered espresso beans (
  1. Baeofeng UV5R (
  2. Garmin InReach mini (
  3. Iron Spear Outfitters Gorilla Coms (
  4. Outdoor Research Helium rain gear ( &

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  1. Have a awesome thanksgiving Bill.very well put.Thanks for preaching the gospel. Always praying for your ministry. God Bless you and your family.

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