David Acosta – Lead Instructor

David Acosta is a lead instructor for Amtac Shooting and has been teaching courses with us since 2022.

Amtac Shooting courses: Carbine, Pistol Combatives, and Integrated Combatives

David Acosta started his law enforcement career in 2004 in a violent city in the northeastern United States. After having spent his first four years in the patrol division, he worked in a myriad of special assignments ranging from the department’s Crime Suppression Team, Warrant Task Force as well as the Street Crime and Narcotics Unit. While at the Narcotics Unit, he was primarily utilized in an undercover capacity for both state and federal investigations. 

David was later recruited to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Regional Safe Streets Gang Task Force where he continued to work in a low-profile and undercover capacity assisting the task force in building federal investigations against violent street gangs. Thereafter, he was assigned to the United States Marshals Service Violent Fugitive Task Force. While there, he was tasked with tracking and apprehending violent felons who were actively eluding law enforcement apprehension. In 2015, David was transferred to the Police Academy as a full-time academy instructor where he was tasked with teaching and developing curriculum for both certified officers and recruits in hopes of passing on his experience to help develop the current and future generation of crime fighters.

David joined the ranks of his department’s SWAT Team in 2008 and spent the next twelve years on the team working through the roles of assaulter, breacher, sniper, assistant team leader, and team leader. While there he was the primary marksmanship and tactics instructor for the team. 

David retired from law enforcement in 2021 and now travels the country teaching for Fieldcraft Survival as one of their  Master Trainers. He is responsible for course curriculum development as well as training up other instructors.

David’s methodology for coaching comes from both his training and personal experience. His approach to training is summed up in three words… “Performance parallels preparation.”


In this course @david.acosta.jr and his students spent the weekend developing what right looks like when learning to use a pistol in defense of human life.
If you know what it is then you know what it isn’t. This is crucial when identifying what constitutes deadly force. @david.acosta.jr goes into great detail on this topic in the 2 Day Active Shooter Response & the 2 Day Defensive Pistol Courses.

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David Acosta started working in LEO at an early age. Over the course of his 17-year career, he worked with multiple departments with an emphasis in low-profile investigations, SWAT, tactical operations, and as an instructor. Since Retiring from LEO, David coaches for his own company, Allegiance Defense Solutions LLC. There he focuses on helping other Americans become self-reliant in the defense of themselves and others.
In this episode of the Mike Force Podcast, Mike goes on location at SIG Freedom Days to talk to Fieldcraft Survival Primary Instructor and a retired LEO of 17 years, David Acosta Jr. about his career in policing and transition to working for Fieldcraft.
On another episode of Iron Sights After Dark I sat down with David Acosta Jr to discuss his background, philosophy on self-reliance and how it translates to becoming a better protector of oneself and others. Acosta’s reflects on his upbringing and transition into law enforcement where he began his long track record of community service and success driven adaptation to overcome real world threats. Now retired, he’s committed to sharing his philosophy with others like you and offer training.

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I recently attended the pistol combatives class August 27 in Dallas with David Acosta. He was excellent and I walked away with the knowledge I have a lot to work on. He is a good instructor. – Mike

Thanks for an OUTSTANDING class in Bangor! It is instantly among the best training I have had. The way you distributed that amount of information was impressive, your communication and instruction game is strong my friend. Great class, great time, and a great group of people made it well worth every penny to get there. Can’t wait to train with AMTAC again! -Todd

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