Primary Philosophy

I am a Christian. As I started thinking about what the first topic would be that I would write about, I considered writing about proper mindset or the importance of fitness in tactical training or even my primary training philosophy, […]

Why We Dry Fire

I can’t stress enough to you the importance of dry firing. When we go to the range, all of us perform better after we have done a couple of drills and knocked the rust off. In our day-to-day lives, we […]

Backpack Loadout for a Long Day’s Hike

Transcript from the video Hey guys, Bill Rapier with Amtac Shooting. We just did a 20 mile hike through the snow, about 5,000 vertical in the Cabinets yesterday and I wanted to go through the gear. First off, I was […]

AAR: The Amtac Shooting Modern Minuteman

This AAR was graciously given by a student of the Amtac Shooting Modern Minuteman Course held in May 2023. SUMMARY:  The modern minuteman course was a two-day course held by Amtac Shooting which provided students with information and the opportunity […]

AAR: The Amtac Shooting Tribe-Centric CQB

This AAR and additional feedback was graciously given by students of the Amtac Shooting Tribe-Centric CQB Course held April 2023. BLUF:Amtac Shooting Instruction delivers outstanding instruction through the Tribe-Centric CQB course. Valuable technical skills are taught as well as mental/mindset […]

Radio Communications

Recommended Radio Gear

I am writing this article because of the overwhelming amount of questions that I receive on a regular basis about communications. We live in a time where we are more connected than people have ever been in history.