Bill and Chainsaw Sniper Adventure Challenge 2018

The Modern Minute Man and Other Standards

  For the last two years I have done the Sniper Adventure Challenge Race.  It has been a great way for me to have a goal to train for and to keep pushing the boundaries with training, fitness, shooting and […]

Precision Rifle Classes

Getting into Precision Rifle Shooting

This is a primer for guys that are interested in getting into precision rifle shooting.  For the sake of this article I am going to define precision rifle shooting as anything over 600 yards. We will look at the options […]

Food and Fitness

  Anyone that has trained with me knows the emphasis that I put on fitness. If you are not in good shape is is much more difficult to sprint up two flights of stairs, then across a parking lot and […]

The Best All Around Rifle: The Hybrid Carbine

What if you could only have one rifle?  What would it be?  What if you need the ability to engage very fast up close and then also shoot out to medium distance?  This is where is a Hybrid Carbine shines. […]

What Matters Most in a Carbine

    Where do you start and what should you get for your carbine? AR15 style rifles are more available and cheaper than they ever have been. There are also many more options/ brands than there have ever been. The […]

Primary Philosophy

I am a Christian. As I started thinking about what the first topic would be that I would write about, I considered writing about proper mindset or the importance of fitness in tactical training or even my primary training philosophy, […]